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Niches: MMO-IM-Bizop 85-100% Tier 1 traffic and 15% OD. I have been a Solo ad vendor for 2+ years. I aim to deliver the best-converting traffic!
Joshua Calise
From United States.
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About me and my offer
***Disclaimer: If you intend on buying traffic from me, there is a good chance you will get sales during the run of my traffic, but there is also a chance you won't get sales right away or at all. Please keep in mind that I am providing you with a high-quality lead generation service (not a guaranteed sales service), and it is your responsibility to give them a high-converting offer and then follow up with them to get sales. If you expect a sale during any run and plan to leave a negative review if you don't get one or if you get a lower optin rate than you anticipated, please do not purchase from me. Thank you so much. Please keep in mind: *I Just Have TRAFFIC IN THE MAKE MONEY ONLINE NICHE.*
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What is the Tier 1 percentage your offer with your traffic?
I'm offering 95-100% T1 traffic for my udimi customers!
How many bonus (over delivery) do you add?
10-15% bonus on your order
Which niche/market offers can I Advertise With you?
I’m primarily focused on serving the Make Money Online, business opportunity and MLM (Make money online), Bizop, and network marketing offers
How experienced are you?
I've been selling solo ads for 2+ years.
When will my solo ad start?
Usually within the hour unless you have scheduled a date.