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Doing email marketing space since 2008. New to solo ads, but I know email marketing, my list, and how to get you results. Let's talk about it!
Jesse Ali
From Japan.
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About me and my offer
✅ FREE Lifetime Access to my cloud based link management software When you win. I win. So I send you my best quality traffic that will convert really well for you if your optin page fits within what I know works for my list. That is why I will make an optin page for you if you want. Or I can take a look at your page and tell you the changes I would make to get the best conversion rate possible with my list. ✅ Every Order comes with FREE Access to my link management software: -Cloud hosted -Link Rotator -Insert Pixels -Unlimited campaigns -Link Password protection -Retargeting -Detailed statistics -Use your own domain as your link shortener ⚡ Unique Email Perspective (from 20 years in JAPAN) ⚡ SALES GENERATED for Udimi Clients! ⚡ 100% Top Tier Traffic Only ⚡ 500+ Buyers Added Every Day ⚡ Speed Delivery ⚡ Constant List Cleaning ⚡ Build your list while you promote ANY offer. ⚡ Free Consultation. ✅ Free Bonus 1: Use my high converting optin page. CUSTOMIZED to your offer! ✅ Funnel TEST from start to order page, Funnel Review, Full ✅ FREE Lifetime Access to my cloud based link management software
T1 Traffic? where is it from?
My traffic is 100% T1. USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, and australia. I don’t use tier 2 and 3 countries because they just don’t convert/buy!
Fresh Leads?
I add about 500 to 1000 subscribers a day, and remove unresponsive leads!
Do I need to write my own swipe?
I will write the swipes for you because I know my list and what they will react to. I keep it short, and interesting, so they want to click and see what I am talking about.
What do you need from me?
1. URL you want to send traffic to. 
2. autoresponder code (if I am making your lead page.)
3. Any tracking code you want me to include in your lead page (if I am making it for you.)

I will take a look at your offer, and produce a squeeze page if you want one. I will host it for you, or you can host it, but you will then need to upload the files to your own hosting. Easiest just to let me host it. You can test it yourself, and I can include any tracking links you want to the page.
You will make a lead magnet page/optin page for me?
Yep, free with any order! 

I want your leads to convert, and build you a list. I know my list so I know what will work for them! I will host it for you. I just need your list information to integrate, and any tracking code that you would like me to add to the page. 

Of course you don't have to use my lead magnet service. It is just a free offer for you.
Do you guarantee sales and optins?

Sales and optins are based on your offer in combination with my traffic. I am only one piece of the puzzle.

⛳ I CAN make you a custom optin page based on what is getting me great results. 
⛳ I CAN review your offer and see if it will match my list. 
⛳ I CAN help you with the tools for success. 

BUT Every situation is different, so there are no guarantees. I will do my best to get you results because I want your repeat business!
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6% United Kingdom
4% Canada
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4% all the rest
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