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Arthur Lai
From Malaysia.
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About me and my offer
Dear prospect marketer, Are you looking for highly targeted traffic to your website or affiliate links to your product? You are reaching the right person. I can provide you with highly responsive and high-quality traffic. You can refer to my above testimonials and my traffic is proven to be responsive. My Traffic Guarantee: Min 90% Top Tier Countries, High Over Delivery, and Buyer List Included. Specialize in Health / Fitness and All Make Money Online Related Niche * Preferable All Order comes with a Landing/Capture Page ( Opt-In Page ) THE BENEFITS OF HAVING a Capture Page ( Opt-In Page ) My Goals Here is that I want YOU TO CREATE a Long-Term Relations and continue sales with your potential customer. Visitors may not immediately purchase when visiting your page. They may take time to consider, they may need a push from you! Thus, keep their emails and follow up with them will certainly improve your sales and conversion rate! Here is the simplified process for you to understand how solo ads work: 1. You buy Solo Ads, All the visitors will be viewing your Landing/Squeeze Page/Capture Page 2. They will leave their name and emails to you if they are interested. (Opt-in) 3. After They Opt-In, they will be directed to sale page / affiliate product page (They may or may not buy your offer – Don’t Worry About It) 4. Do the follow-up! Follow Up emails send by you manually or automated by your email responder or by your affiliate page. 5. Keep these emails and create long-term customer relationships and get more sales with them. Try my traffic today!
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Why must I buy from you?
I build my email list EVERYDAY. That means my email is fresh and are interested in YOUR offer. Plus, I built my list not only from email traffic, but also from other traffic sources like Adwords, Social Media & Media Buys. This means I have one of the most responsive and diversified traffic for my clients.
Do you guarantee opt-ins or sales?
We will do our very best to fulfill our service quality and send you responsive traffic but the opt-ins or sales will entirely depend on your landing page and sales page. With that said, our clients have reported sales when they order traffic from us.
What niches are your list responsive to?
Our list is mostly responsive for: Health & Fitness, Lifestyle, Make Money Online, Work From Home, Business Opportunities & Internet Marketing. If your niche is not stated, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to assist you.
Do you Accept "No Mobile" traffic Orders?
Sorry, I don't Accept " No Mobile" orders, but if you really want to get "no mobile" contact me first and it will be at different rates of the offer, we can work something out.
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85% United States
4% Canada
4% United Kingdom
2% New Zealand
1% Australia
4% all the rest
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