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Cherisa Chia
From Singapore.
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About me and my offer
Welcome dear marketer, my name is Cherisa and I am sure you are looking for traffic vendor with a lot of experiences. Finally, you've come to the right person. I am serving HIGH QUALITY, TOP TIER SOLO ADS, with TONS of long term partners who are buying my traffic on a daily basis to GROW their businesses. It is my sincere wish to assist you in your journey to building your list as well as to acquire sales! My niche focus is on Health | Fitness | Weight Loss | Make Money Online Related. That's why I mentioned you have looked for the RIGHT person. I have a lot of SATISFIED customers and the best proof that I can give you is by trying my clicks. Feel free to have a chat and I will gladly assist! =) Take care of yourself as well!
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How fast will I respond to your order?
I will usually respond within 24 hours!
Can I guarantee subscribers and/or sales?
No, this absolutely depends on your offer. However, I will ensure your offer is a good match for my list before sending it, and I will amend or even re-write any email sales copy to maximize results.
From which countries I generate traffic from?
We understand your demands and therefore 95% traffic is generated from tier-1 countries. You will get subscribers from the USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada. I have spent a long time to build email lists that include customers ready for conversion. Therefore, I am sure about the quality of traffic.
Which offers convert the best with our traffic?
Most of the offers in Health, Fitness, Weight Loss, Biz Opp and MMO Niche should give decent results. However there are dozen of different reasons why they wont and none of them is because of our traffic.
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78% United States
8% Canada
6% United Kingdom
3% Australia
5% all the rest
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