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List Built Daily Organically & PPC advertising || Fast Delivery || 10% OD || Make Money Online (MMO) - Network Marketing - Bizop - Finance
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I build my list every day with media buys and other PPC advertising || Fast Delivery || 10% OD | | My Solos Work For The Following Niches | | Make Money Online (MMO) - Network Marketing -Bizop - Health & Fitness - Personal Development ✅ I can supply 75 - 1000 clicks at a time ✅ Offering 95% Real T1 Traffic ✅ All orders start within 24 - 48 hours ✅ Post-Solo Report from Clickmagick ✅ Each order is complete with the best traffic filter and bot protection from Clickmagick. -> If you are ready to order, you can place your order now. You don't have to message me first unless you have questions -> UDIMI DISCOUNT: Special Udimi ONLY Pricing At .40/Click (Price starts at .55/click on my website) I Look Forward To Helping You Grow Your Business!
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What's the typical opt-in rate for your traffic?
On average, our traffic delivers opt-in rates that fall within the range of 20% to 80%, with most campaigns landing in the middle of that spectrum.
When will my solo ad campaign start?
I aim to process your order promptly, and you can expect to start receiving traffic within 12-24 hours, sometimes even sooner, depending on the workload.
Is a lead capture page really necessary?
A lead capture page is highly recommended as most sales occur through email sequences on the backend. 

While we can run your campaign without one, results may vary, as multiple exposures are often needed for a purchase commitment.
Is it likely that I'll generate sales with your traffic?
While we anticipate sales, we cannot provide guarantees due to the unpredictable nature of subscriber responses and their readiness to make a purchase.
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