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Looking to give back to the industry by providing quality solos. The Coolest Seller on Udimi :) Over 95% Tier 1 (MMO Crypto, Forex, & Health!)
June Green
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About me
I’m the CEO of

I started selling solos so I could give back to the industry.

I keep my solos at a low cost cause I remember how hard it was to get started.

I build my list every day with media buys and other PPC advertising.

My solos work for the following niches:
Make Money Online (MMO), Crypto, Forex, And Health/Beauty

✅ I can supply 75 - 100 clicks at a time (Will be opening up more soon!)

✅ Offering 100% Tier 1, T1 Desktop only, And 95% T1 Options

✅ Want 100% Top Tier Clicks? Click the "Only Top Tier" option.

✅Want Desktop only? Select The "No Mobile" Option.

✅ I always overdeliver! (My Post-Solo Report from Clickmagick will verify this)

✅ Each order is complete with the best traffic filter and bot protection from Clickmagick.

-> If you are ready to order, you can place your order now. You don't have to message me first unless you just want to chat :)

-> BONUS: Free promo for your business on my website with every order!

I Look Forward To Helping You Grow Online!
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Eric Brousseau
Good opt in rate, good solo!
Udimi stats: Delivered 114 out of 100 visitors (+14%)
1 Jan 2022
No sales
Ricardo Belo
Again 100% top tier and 50% of opitns! good list.
Udimi stats: Delivered 230 out of 200 visitors (+15%)
31 Dec 2021
No sales
Ricardo Belo
100% top tier and 50% of optins, good solo
Udimi stats: Delivered 150 out of 150 visitors
30 Dec 2021
No sales