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From Malaysia.
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About me and my offer
Hi there, my name is Maqsood Abro. I have doing solo ads for quite some time but only for selected customers (close friends and family) but now I have made it available to Udimi Buyers. There are a lot of great business opportunities and offers out there but most beginners are struggling to find targeted and scalable traffic sources to promote it. My traffic is 100% Tier 1 with Make Money Online / Business Opportunity targeting. This traffic is perfect for offers that are about making money and starting a business. Try out my traffic to build a list of hungry buyers who will take action when presented with an offer.
Can You Do 100% USA Traffic?
Yes, I can provide 100% USA traffic for you, all you need to do to be assured of receiving 100% USA is to check the "Only top tier" option at checkout.
Where Do You Get Your Leads From?
I get my leads mainly built through product launches (affiliate traffic). However I also use PPC and Native Ads to build our lists.
How Do I Change My Link
Before ordering please check thoroughly that the link you want the traffic to go to is working properly and it is the correct page (your opt-in page). If you do need to change your link you can do so at any time but please bear in mind that I am in Malaysia so may not be able to give a quick response if it is night time here. To change your link please do the following

1. Go to the Info tab of the order.

2. Click on the red "Change Link" button.

3. Enter the URL and submit it.

I will approve your link change from my end after its been submitted.
Anything Else?
I may reject your order if you do not have an opt-in page or have an opt-in page which requires a telephone number, or if it is for something unethical such as an investment scheme (usually a Ponzi or exit scam) gambling or sweepstakes or something unsuitable for my audience.

I will get in touch with your after the traffic run to see how it went and continue to offer to help you. I will also ask you for a review.

Please make sure your funnel and auto responder is set to single opt-in only this way you will get the best possible results.
What type of offers convert well to your traffic?
My list loves to invest their money in:

Make Money Online Products or Systems
Biz Opp Offers – MLM Offers – Network Marketing Offers
Affiliate Offers in the “Make money online (MMO)” niche
Crypto and Financial Trading
Average traffic geography
Top tier countries
99% United States
1% Estonia
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