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NEW LEADS, NEW BUYERS added daily! 10 % overdelivery! 85%-100% T1. My traffic is perfect for Marketing, MMO, Biz Op. Buyers included.
Simona Simonic
From Slovenia.
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About me and my offer
Welcome everyone! Thanks for checking out my page! I'm Simona and I'm here to provide you with the best solo ad possible! What to expect from my service? • 85%+ or 100% Top Tier 1 Traffic (US, CA, NZ, AU, UK) • High Quality Traffic, buyers included • 100% Unique Clicks - Not Raw Clicks • 10% Over Delivery Guarantee • Traffic deliver within the agreed time frame! • Traffic suitable for Make money online, Multi-Level Marketing or Business Opportunity. • Buyers included.
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How much Tier 1 traffic do you deliver?
I deliver a minimum of 80% T1 traffic with all my orders. You can choose 100% T1 at the time of order.
Do you over-deliver on clicks?
I over-deliver up to 10% of clicks on all orders.
How soon will my clicks start?
I usually start clicks within 1-3 hours of accepting orders.
Will you help with my landing page?
Yes. I will review your landing page.
What is the typical opt-in rate with your clicks?
My clients on average see a 40-70% opt-in rate.
Do you guarantee sales?
Please understand that I am providing you with a high-quality lead generation service (not a guaranteed sales service) and it is up to you to offer them a high-converting offer, then follow up with them to get sales. Don’t expect a sale every run.
Will you provide ad copy or do I need to provide one?
I will carefully analyse your opt-in and thank-you pages and write the best copy that will resonate with my list for you, for free. If you insist on using your own copy for any reason, please message me with further details and I will consider it.
How much traffic can you provide in one order?
I offer packages of up to 1,000 clicks.
Do you count raw clicks on unique clicks?
I guarantee delivery of the dedicated number of visitors you order, by only counting unique clicks. In other words, you pay per visitor – not per click. If a visitor clicks on your link twice, you will only pay for it once.
Do you accept Desktop Only traffic?
Sorry, no. More than 80% of email traffic today is mobile. I’ve done it a few times. I would send 500 clicks to a link and couldn’t get 75 desktop-only clicks from it. So I don’t accept ‘No Mobile’ Traffic.
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99% United States
1% all the rest
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