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My name name is Mounia El Fehdi Im a mom A top tier traffic Guaranty USA Up to 5000 Fresh Leads Added Daily 100% MMO\IM targeted clicks
From Morocco.
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✓95% Top Tier Traffic ✓ Premium traffic direct from my own list (No brokering) ✓ More than 5000 Fresh Leads Added Daily ✓ Fast Delivery Included ✓ My list is making me $50k+ per month ✓ FREE funnel and landing page review ✓ Traffic suitable for MLM, Bizop, Crypto, Make money online (MMO) I am very serious about keeping my list fresh and unique. I add 100-200 new subscribers to my list everyday. I also remove non responsive subscribers from my list every week. The price is very effective, I assure you'll get more value than any price in solo ads, BEST PRICE anywhere is guaranteed. CPA Marketers, you would enjoy the traffic you'll receive from my list. Use my list to get your business at next level?
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Do you provide 100% desktop traffic?
Sorry i don't Controle or provide this sort of traffic, its a mix of both.
When will my solo ad start?
Usually within 1-12 hours, unless you have scheduled a date. If its not in the hour it will definitely start on the same day as you placed the order.
How can i change my link?
Changing your link is very simple.

If your solo ad has not started then simply open it and click Change ad text link on Info tab and then click Send Changes to Seller.

IMPORTANT: Please note its not my responsibility if you make an error on your end, you can still request to change the link as instructed above, however if any clicks have already been sent its on you.

Please double check your link works, thank you.
Double optin / confirmed optin ?
Please note, i do not accept orders if you have confirmed optin turned on. Please double check that its turned off. If you need help turning it off just reach out and ill happily help you turn it off.
I can get a refund because I didnt get a sale?
Solo ads have no guarantees of sales and its impossible to know what a subscriber will do . Lots of variables involved in receiveing sales . Page and how it is designed are also factors . Refunds are made in certain circumstances but should not be counted on . Clients think that its free for sellers to run their traffic but contrary to that belief it is not and costs us money so please use an optin page and an offer that best desribes the target of traffic which I offer which is make money online ( biz opp) , Health and fitness ( weightloss) and personal development ( law of attraction & manifestation )
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98% United States
2% Ghana
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