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I have been actively involved in internet marketing since 2010 and much of my business focus has revolved around list building and email marketing.
Larry A Coates
From United States.
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About me and my offer
Hello! I have been in internet marketing since 2010 so i have a lot of experience in internet marketing. While new to being a solo ad provider, I have a LOT to offer and look forward to helping You turn clicks into profits! I aim to provide you with outstanding customer service. If you are happy, then I’m happy! I can provide you with the following : >> I can provide you with 100% Tier 1 traffic tif needed. >> I aways Over Deliver usually between 10 & 20 percent >> I only deliver REAL,l UNIQUE, clicks that will be counted towards your order >> My list works well with MMO, IM, MLM, BIZOP type offers >> On average I add over 800 FRESH subscribers daily and over 6,000 to my list weekly! >> I am mentored by two of the BIGGEST solo ad providers in the business! >> I can usually start delivering clicks within 24 hours, most often sooner than that if needed! Need any help or have question, just inbox me :) I look forward to working with you and helping you to grow your business!!! Ask about my extra 10 percent click delivery for first time buyers! To YOUR success! Larry
What is the source of your clicks? How frequently you add new subscribers?
I manage to build my list from traffic sources which may include ezine ads, email drops, media buying, PPC with Facebook, Bing, and Google as well as other media buying activities The main source fo my list building activities has over 6,500,000 Tier 1 contacts.

I add about 850 new subscribers to my list on a daily basis which ensures my lists remain fresh

Unsubscribers and known bad addresses are removed daily.
What percentage of your traffic is top tier?
My traffic is from 100% Tier 1 (US, CA, UK, AU, NZ)
When will my order go out?
You order will go out within 24 hours of you submitting your order through Udimi dashboard and delivered within a day. Most offers are delivered the same day
Can You Guarantee Sales?
There is a good chance that you will get sales, however I CAN NOT GAURANTEE that you will make sales because a large part of the sales process is totally dependent upon whtat is being offered and how well that offer converts  to sales!  Based upon the data from other click UDIMI providers, sale of products occurs most often on orders of 400 or more clicks , but sales are definitely possible with smaller orders.

Also as a rule of thumb, 80% of the sales with my list happens on the backend through your email marketing efforts. So pls ensue your emails are landing into inbox and not going to SPAM