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From Singapore.
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About me and my offer
Hi there! Thanks for visiting my profile... I have been out of the game for the past couple of years but now I'm back to Udimi because I'm taking a break from product creation. One thing you need to know about my list is... They LOVE to BUY! (Because of my product, I have a list of buyer leads) Give them an attractive offer and they will GOBBLE em up! Limited Time Offer! | Usual price at 0.80/click but now ONLY at $0.40/CLICK! | Min 90% T1 | 10% BONUS OD GUARANTEED! MMO/Biz Opp/Personal Development Niche Available! HIGH-QUALITY LIST + BUYERS INCLUDED! (Your True Secret Weapon!) Sold over 5 Million + CLICKS TO INDIVIDUAL VENDORS/LIST BUILDERS and even huge brands such as Mindvalley Academy. (Trainers they bring onboard: Robin Sharma, T Harv. Eker.. and MORE) 500 fresh leads are added DAILY! 10% OD guaranteed for every order! To avoid disappointment and delay, order now. Limited slots available!
What is the average optin % of your traffic?
It depends on your landers. It can vary anywhere from 25% - as high as 70%+
When will my Solos begin?
I will process your order immediately; you can expect to see traffic within 12-24 hrs, sometimes much sooner, depending on how busy it is.
What's the best way to get sales from your solos?
While it's certainly sweet get sales from solos right off the bat, the money is IN the follow up! My leads ENGAGE especially when you mail them, so make sure you continue to send broadcast emails everyday! Solo ads is meant to build and grow your list, so sales is always a bonus but not a guarantee!
What Niche Is The Traffic?
BizOpp (Home Based Business Opportunities) , MMO ( Make Money Online)  & (PD) Personal Development
More Questions?
Simply send me a private message on Udimi, I will reply as fast as possible. Thanks!
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