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Solo ad vendor for about half a year. I have had a huge success with clients on Facebook so I want to start offering my quality MMO traffic on UDIMI.
From Philippines.
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100% HIGH QUALITY CLICKS 85+% TIER 1 TO 12+% OVER DELIVERY! MLM, MMO AND BIZOPP SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!! ✔ [Tier1] US,UK,CA,AU,NZ 85+% Guarantee ✔ BONUS: up to 12+% Over Delivery! ✔ Minimum of 300 subscribers added FRESH DAILY! ✔ Satisfaction Guaranteed and Great Communication ☺
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5% all the rest
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42% optins, 10% OD , great run , thanks Myan.
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Yah, A big thumbs up for Myan April , very nice job, lots of signups. Thank you very much.