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From Canada.
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Glenn Fedoruk
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What is the average optin rate of your traffic ?
Generally 20-80%  most usually fall somewhere in the middle .
Can I expect sales with your traffic ?
Yes sales can be expected but are not guaranteed as there is no way of knowing how a sub will react to your offer or if they are in buyer mode that day
Why should I trust buying from you ?
The year 2020 I did over 10,000 sales at Udimi  if i sold junk or scammed I would not be allowed to sel on this super secure platform  that favors the customers best interests . Also 24% customer repeats prove this .
When will my Solo start ?
I will process your order sometimes immediately and youcan expect to see traffic within 12-24 hrs sometimes much sooner just depends on how busy it is.
Is there a best day to run my campaign?
No . The amount of clicks ordered is gauaranteed to be delivered so no certain day is better than the next . The only benefit would be it may get delivered faster on a less busy day .
Do i really need a lead capture page?
In short Yes you should always use one as most sales are made on the back end using an email sequence . This is the best and most profitable way to email market. I WILL STILL run your campaign direct linking but its up to you to be realistic on your results as most subs need to see an offer a few times before commiting to purchase .
Why should i buy off you not the next seller?
Because i am a nice guy !!!! hahaha no .  I have a proven track record, I believe customer support is first priority .  I TREAT YOUR CAMPAIGN  as if it were my own and  i don't like watching clients spend their money without knowing  what they are purchasing . That one is the most upsetting to me .
I can get a refund because I didnt get a sale?
Solo ads have no guarantees of sales and its impossible to know what a subscriber will do . Lots of variables involved in receiveing sales . Page  and how it is designed are also factors .  Refunds are made in certain circumstances but should not be counted on . Clients think that its free for sellers to run their traffic but contrary to that belief it is not and costs us money so please use an optin page and an offer that best desribes the target of traffic which I offer which is make money online ( biz opp) , Health and fitness ( weightloss) and personal development ( law of attraction & manifestation )
How come one seller got me 70% optin and your only 40% ?
I have no idea solo ad run vary greatly even with one seller one day could be 70% the next 35% . The crystal ball is not a reality and there is no way of telling whether that click will optin to your page .
What do you feel is lacking in the solo ad industry ?
Transparency and a s a seller I feel its my responsibility to ensure you have all the knowledge you need to provide a decent solo ad run . If you dont ask questions before ordering I will not help you . Its up to you to have all your ducks in a row before making that purchase
How come your sales badge is 30% and the next seller 50%
Its very difficult to tell the amount of sales you get in the runs as the majority of sellers post reviews right after the run occurs when many sales come from follow up emails . Its a very vague way of trying to tell who got sales and who didnt best is to just go with the verbal review on what he customer wrote that is a true indicator on how the seller is.
I ordered 2 days ago still no clicks?
Sometimes it gets very busy and there are many orders running at the same time . Those that started first need to finish first so the orders need to complete in rotation . The order goes into a qued state and will complete within the udimi timer in 99% of the time.
Average traffic geography
Top tier countries
91% United States
2% Canada
1% Australia
1% United Kingdom
1% India
4% all the rest
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AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME just like you said I recommend Glenn to everyone. Why he delivered just as he say he was with great communication skills PLUS great advice how to do better with my pages. Thank You Again Will be using always this service is what this business needs. A+++++++++++++++
Seller ratings of Glenn Fedoruk
Paul Roussell jr
9 Dec 2023
Glenn provided great leads and I was able to close several mid-ticket sales almost immediately. I have tried other solo ads, but have never had the success that Glenn was able to get me. I would recommend him to anyone trying to get quality leads for their offer. Great Job!
Udimi stats: Delivered 300 out of 300 visitors
Got sales
Digitico Digital
6 Dec 2023
Great Run.Thank You.
Udimi stats: Delivered 504 out of 500 visitors (+1%)
Got sales
Digitico Digital
6 Dec 2023
Great Run.Thank You.
Udimi stats: Delivered 541 out of 500 visitors (+8%)
Got sales
Alfredo Collado
2 Dec 2023
Good traffic thanks
Udimi stats: Delivered 213 out of 200 visitors (+7%)
John Wulkowicz
30 Nov 2023
good leads, working on converting them into sales, Good job thank you.
Udimi stats: Delivered 455 out of 450 visitors (+1%)
No sales
Jerry Lambden
30 Nov 2023
Complete newbie here (first solo, third campaign) and Glenn was so easy to work with. Ordered 200, received 205 and 1 sale even without a landing page not that it was part of my strategy but I simply had no idea what I was doing. Glenn advised me of a capture page for future solos. I felt comfortable spending money with Glenn, you should too! Highly recommended!
Udimi stats: Delivered 205 out of 200 visitors (+3%)
Got sales
Jonath Mary Lazar
29 Nov 2023
Good solo. Great communication. Got lots of leads.
Udimi stats: Delivered 114 out of 100 visitors (+14%)
No sales
William Mills
29 Nov 2023
Glenn knocked it outta the park with the first click order from him. I ordered 300 clicks to start. I've had over 90 opt-ins, 14 new registrations, and several upgrades for my business. Very, very pleased with the results. Thanks Glenn!
Udimi stats: Delivered 321 out of 300 visitors (+7%)
Got sales
Raymond Lee
28 Nov 2023
Good Solo and overdelivered by 31. Thanks Glenn
Udimi stats: Delivered 281 out of 250 visitors (+12%)
Antonio Queiroz
27 Nov 2023
16% opt-in rate, less than I expected but it is okay. I'll follow up with those leads. Thanks!
Udimi stats: Delivered 109 out of 100 visitors (+9%)