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HIGH QUALITY T1 100% Traffic | FRESH and RESPONSIVE LIST! | BUYERS Included!! | Perfect List For MMO, BizOp, IM, CPA.
Ambroz Kastelic
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About me
Hy Everyone,

I aim to provide the best customer service. If you are happy, I am happy!
I can provide:
>>A minimum of 90% Tier 1 traffic to your order
>>At least 10% GUARANTEED Over Delivery
>>I only deliver real UNIQUE clicks that will be counted towards your order
>>My list works well with MMO, IM, MLM, BIZOP type offers
>>HUNDRETS of FRESH subscribers added daily to my list
>>Fast Delivery

Need any help or have queries, just inbox me :)
I need forward to working with you!
Yours in success,
Why should I buy email traffic from you?
It is simple: My traffic CONVERTS. I will help you build a responsive email list that turns into sales.
When will my order go out?
Your order will go out within 24 hours of you submitting your to Udimi dashboard and delivered within 3 days.
Do you guarantee sales?
No. No one can guarantee sales, but I guarantee to go above and beyond for you to win over your bussiness long term because that's how everyone wins.
How much traffic can you deliver in one order?
I offer packages up to 1000 clicks.
Do you offer discounts for repeat customers?
Yes, I'm open to discussing a discount for your repeat orders, depending on the quantity and frequency of your orders.
Do you count raw clicks or unique clicks?
I guarantee delivery of the dedicated number of visitors you order, by only counting unique clicks. In other words, you pay per visitor - not per click. If a visitor clicks on you link twice or three times you will only pay for him or her once, with the rest of the clicks recieved for free.
Do you offer US only or Top Tier 1 only traffic?
Yes. While my standard traffic is 90% Tier 1, I also hold a section of pure US only traffic or Top Tier 1 only clicks delivered to an opt-in page of your choice.
Do you accept "Desktop only" traffic?
No. More than 80% of email traffic is mobile. I've done it a few times: I would send 500 clicks to a link and couldn't get 75 "Desktop only" clicks form it. So I don't accept "No Mobile" traffic.
How can I track opt-in rate?
As the owner of your capture page, you are the one tracking your opt-in rate. You will be able to access it in your end if you are building your own list or with the product provider if someone else follows up with your leads for you.
How will my order be tracked?
As a customer of mine, you get free tracking done for you. You can enjoy your peace of mind while I set everything up for you and provide you with a full tracking report when your order is complete.
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Rhonda Peterson
I received not 1 single opt in not impressed and I have used the same swipe and lead capture page with other vendors in the past few weeks.
Udimi stats: Delivered 55 out of 50 visitors (+10%)
10 Jan 2022
Good solo
Udimi stats: Delivered 55 out of 50 visitors (+10%)
2 Jan 2022
N/A sales