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Peter Karl
From Canada.
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I would like the privilege of helping you grow your list, and increase your business! My list is 50K strong, _ENGAGED_ subscribers - VERY RESPONSIVE and fresh, which means I have new people looking for ways to make money online every week. I am constantly adding unique new leads and the unresponsive subscribers are filtered out and removed, so you will be guaranteed to have new eyes on your offer for every order. Your offer _will not_ be seen by the same subscriber more than once. My vertical serves the Online Marketing niche in MAKE MONEY ONLINE, WORK FROM HOME, ONLINE BIZ OPPS and also _TARGETED SUBSCRIBERS IN HEALTH & FITNESS._ _IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN HEALTH AND FITNESS CLICKS SEND ME A PM AS PRICING IS CURRE_NTLY $0.75/CLICK 100 MIN ORDER AND I WILL SEND YOU INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO ORDER FOR THIS TYPE OF TRAFFIC. NO Bots, fake clicks or black hat techniques here - real eyes, real prospects only! CLICK EXPAND I will always provide extra value of UP TO 10% OVER DELIVERY on every order for you. Majority of my subscribers are USA based - English speaking IMPORTANT: My click traffic is designed and optimized for single opt-in lead capture/squeeze pages with email address and/or name only. This will get you the best results with my traffic. Your success WILL DROP BY UP TO 60% USING A SALES PAGE OR MAIN WEBSITE LINK - so if you do not have a lead capture/squeeze page as indicated above - sorry I will have to respectfully decline your order. Let's get you headed to the next level - order right now and see for yourself!
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