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High Quality -Smooth - Steady T1 traffic from my list built from my own bought solos- You can try me - Will do my best with targeted traffic for You
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I'm Sofia , been buying solo ads for quite a while now on all sorts of platforms, and just recently started selling clicks generated from my very own list. All offers are Accepted , and traffic to your offer is always targeted , matching the first page of the offer.
Please note that although I'd love to see that every visitor subscribes or buys from your promotional page, I cannot guarantee that that is the way it works. Most of the time, a typical conversion to a typical offer can be a subscription to your newsletter at a rate of anything between 25 - 35 % . In simple words, from a 100 clicks solo you can can expect from 25 to 30 subscribers more or less...This is not set to stone , and it always depends on the offer , and on how many info are required for that first step - the more info it requires , conversion rates get lower.
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Peter O'Sullivan
Great solo. Plenty of optins
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18 Jul 2022
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