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My responsive list is unique as it's built from my Pay-Per-Lead Affiliate Program and is FULL of buyers not found on your regular Solo vendor lists...
From United Kingdom.
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I'm only providing little 100 click tests of my traffic here on Udimi, to get a taster for the great traffic I can provide (at volume)... Veteran of the Solo Ad industry, I've worked with some of the top marketers in the World over many years and have successful clients who order from me each and every month. I build my list primarily from my independent Pay-Per-Lead affiliate program (which costs me a small fortune to run), which means I have a higher quality, more organic and far less burnt out list than the average Solo Ad vendor, with fresher subscribers, who aren't on many other lists. The result of this is more responsive leads, who take greater action on my clients own email marketing and produce better ROI's. Test me out! :-) Buyers list included as standard. There's no BS from me, all my clicks go through an industry leading tracker and only come from laser targeted broadcast mailings to my autoresponders. I look forward to working with you soon... Many thanks, James Jordan
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