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Hey guys, it's Vytas! I sell: - 100% Real Traffic - HIGH-QUALITY Lists with BUYERS - 90%+ T1 GUARANTEED (US, NZ, UK, CA) - FAST Delivery!
Vytas Mulevicius
From Lithuania.
Member for 5 years
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About me and my offer
Hey guys, Vytas here! I am a full-time software engineer with more than 3 years of experience. My main focus of interest in AI and machine learning. On top of it, I have some experience in e-commerce with Amazon and affiliate marketing. But at this time I am most passionate about solo ads and email marketing itself. My main focus is customer satisfaction, good delivery rates and instant feedback. If you have any questions, please ask them and I will do my best answering them.
Top Tier
Warrior plus
What's the average T1 countries percentage you provide?
I do always provide traffic which is  95%+ from T1 countries
What's the average delivery extra you provide?
It differs from 7% to 12%
Can you review the landing page before the order starts?
Yes, I offer free landing page review for everyone, even if you are not buying from me.
In case I am not happy with the results of the traffic you provided, do you offer a refund?
This did not happened for me yet, but in case it happens, we can always find a solution. If my traffic doesn't meet you expectations, after the round I always send extra visitors if you are able to ground those bad results.
How did you grow your list?
Originally I started growing my list via business blog I had years ago. After that I found out that google and bing ads are pretty good leads sources too.
What kind of offers to you usually work with?
My traffic works best with: MLM, Bizz ops, Crypto, and everything regarding finances.
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87% United States
4% United Kingdom
3% Canada
3% Australia
1% New Zealand
2% all the rest
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