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Welcome, everyone! Thanks for checking out my page! I'm Evan (*Udimi Seller*) from PORTUGAL and I'm here to provide you with the best solo ads

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About me and my offer
Here's a little bit of what you can expect from me and solo ads: *100% T1 Traffic (Mostly USA /UK/CANADA) *100% T1 Traffic is available as well * You will receive up to 25% BONUS clicks on all orders. * Landing page review to ensure you are using the most SOLO responsive landing page. I really recommend using a tool like to get a fast capture page set up for any MMO niche (it's FREE to use!) * Fast delivery * Traffic is best for MMO(Make Money Online), MLM, Biz Ops, CPA Networks, ClickBank, Warrior+, & JVZoo Warrior Forum offers Or direct to your site… * Buyers Included ***Thank you for your interest in my solo ads, if you're looking to start your order within 1 hour. I can accommodate you. Please send me a message first.*** If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to me. I'm here to help others succeed online and help new affiliates earn their first affiliate commission. That is my main goal here!
What is a solo ad?
Solo ads are email-based advertisements that are sent to a seller's email list on behalf of the buyer.
What are the benefits of buying a solo ad?
Solo ads can quickly drive targeted traffic to your offer, often resulting in leads and sales.
How does buying a solo ad work?
Select the desired click count, provide your link, and complete the payment process. The seller will send your advertising to their email list.
How long will it take for my solo ad to be delivered?
The seller will deliver your order within 100 hours or less.
How can I track the results of my solo ad?
Udimi tracks and filters your clicks automatically. You don't have to use any external tracking.
How much Tier 1 traffic do you deliver?
I deliver 100% t1 traffic with all my orders. 

You can choose 100% t1 at the time of order.
Do you over deliver on clicks?
I over-deliver up to 25% of clicks on all orders.
How soon will my clicks start?
I usually start clicks within 1 hour of accepting orders.
Will you help with my landing page?
Yes. I will review your landing page or provide one for free if you needed.
What is the typical optin rate with your clicks?
My clients gets the best traffic from me  boost to 45-85% optin rate.
Can you help with follow up emails?
Yes. Upon purchase, I can craft you high-converting email swipes to send to your subscribers.