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Pasin Vanichawong
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About me

Been selling Premium Traffic for years, just joined UDIMI to expand my clients.

✔️TONS of sales generated for my clients

✔️OVER 500-1000 Fresh Leads Added Daily

✔️100% T1 countries

✔️Good Opt-In Rate

✔️Very Responsive, and HUNGRY Leads waiting for your offer!

✔️Suitable for Internet Marketing, Biz Ops, and Make Money Online niche.

✔️Unique clicks by real human

✔️Free funnel review before I begin!

✔️My traffic source is media buys!

❌Non-human Traffic

❌Repeated Clicks

You will know why my clients keep coming back :)
What countries my traffic come from?
From 100% tier 1 countries. Which are USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand. I do not have tier 2 and 3 because they do not buy your offer.
How many subscribers you added daily?
I added about 500-1000 leads a day and I constantly remove leads that are unresponsive.
How many clicks you can send per day?
I can send about 500-1000 clicks each day but now I can't send much because my orders are packed.

I will do my best to squeeze you in!
Do you send email swipes or I have to write on my own?
I will write the swipes for you because I understand my list a lot better. My list tends to listen to me and responds very well to my email.
How long does it take to start after I purchased your traffic?
Because my schedule is very tight right now, I can start within 24 to 36 hours. But I will do my best to start within 12 hours.
Where did you get your leads from?
I mostly get my leads from media buys so that they are not spammed by other people.
I'm ready to buy! what do you need from me?
I only need your URL that you want traffic to be sent to.
Can I opt in to your mailing list?
No, in the past my clients copied my email swipes and send to other traffic providers. To prevent this happen again, I won't allow to opt in to my list. I apologize and hope you understand.
Do you provide 100% desktop?
No, I do not provide 100% desktop because most of the traffic ( 70-80%) will come from mobile. To provide 100% will require a lot of filtering from our end. Therefore, we do not provide 100% desktop.
Do You Guarantee sales?
Sorry, I do not guarantee sales or opt-ins. The only thing I guarantee is my traffic will be premium and unique.
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United States
United Kingdom
New Zealand
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Cameron Clark
Good solo
Udimi stats: Delivered 300 out of 300 visitors
6 Dec 2021
N/A sales
Bruno Duarte
Good run! Thanks man!
Udimi stats: Delivered 200 out of 200 visitors
19 Nov 2021
No sales
Sean Wong
Good solo
Udimi stats: Delivered 200 out of 200 visitors
19 Nov 2021
No sales
Steven Perzia
Fast Delivery. Great communication with the seller.
Udimi stats: Delivered 300 out of 300 visitors
19 Nov 2021
No sales
Jamie Williams
Good solo ads
Udimi stats: Delivered 175 out of 175 visitors
14 Nov 2021
N/A sales