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You Learn Something NEW Everyday" That's a very OLD saying from an "Old School"" marketeer like me been in marketing since 2002, learning new things!
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I was born from a long line of entrepreneurs, 1st my great-grandmother, then my grandmother and not last or least, my mother who ALL were seamstresses! If you don't know what that it, they are people who sew, design and make clothing for a living. Back in the 1940's and 1950's and althrouout the 1960's, 3 generations of my mother's side of the family made clothes for various people and neighbors in the Washington, D.C. and later in the 1970's in Oakland and Richmond, CA areas. I started like my Mom being a "pin girl" where as I would put pins in hems of garments where needed. That's where I learned my marketing skills at the early age of 7, beginning with sewing, then Avon, Amway, Mary Kay, Shaklee, It Works, Total Life Changes and now HBNaturals Beauty & Skin Care along with CTFO(Changing The Future Outcome)! I hope to leave behind the legacy of enterprenuership to my children, now adults to my grandchildren who now, 5 out of 20 grands have given me Great-grandchildren! Hopefully, this new adventure of UDIMI will show me how to become a more prosporous marketing expert to end the stuggling of my 5 workoholic sons and 1 determind daughter to be an Arts Crafter of unusal handmade crafts from recycled paper!
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I guess I ccan update my phone number here: (202)676-7665
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