Got 100 leads & sales! Exceeded my expectations! Peter is fantastic!

by Audra A James on 03 October 2017

Hey, my name is Audra Annika James and I wanted to talk about the results that I got from Peter. This is my very first time actually using Udimi and actually doing a solo ad. 


Unexpected Results


And so I just basically followed the instructions of my team and I really didn't expect to get instant results the next day after everything was supposed to run, but I did.

I got over the number of clicks that I even requested, and I got 100 leads and two sales. 


First Time Success

To me, especially as a first timer, that's an amazing result, and I am super excited about it.

I can't wait to order another solo ad and I will definitely be using Peter again, and he comes highly recommended. 


Final Thoughts

So if you have any doubts, take it from this first timer, this works.  All right.