Got sales! Brandon guided me on maximizing his services. Great advice.

by Ravi Verma on 31 October 2019



Hey guys, this is Ravi Verma and this is my testimonial for Brandon Singh. I use his services for the solo ad on Udimi and I got sales on the very next day. You can see this is the last 30 days. 


Successful Sales and Recurring Commissions


I'm a bit late to upload this review, but this is not an ordinary sale. It and reoccurring sale and I will be getting commission on monthly basis as far as the person will be using the product.

I was new to affiliate marketing, and I had no idea which product to choose for my very first solo ad. 


Brandon's Guidance and Assistance


But Brandon was there to guide me and help me to select a product and choose it for the promotion. I got approved for the affiliate and I provided the link to Brandon and the rest of the work he done was amazing.  


Gratitude and Final Remarks


I got sales, three sales actually on the sale and one of them was a reoccurring sale. Thank you, Brandon. Thank you for your services.