Great solo from Kenneth! 104% clicks, nearly 50% opt-in, another sale!

by Dan Debiase on 22 February 2017

This is Dan DiBiase. I want to give a shout-out to my man Kenneth. I'm an online marketer, and I've actually been using his solo ads on Udimi for the last just couple of weeks, actually. 


Experience with Kenneth's Solo Ads

I stumbled across him on a search on Udimi, and I've been having tremendous success with my online business.

Okay, I did five solo ads, out of those five solo ads, I got four that had sales on it, and I did the minimum amount, because I'm just testing right now.


Positive Conversion Rates

I'm getting some ridiculous conversion rates, actually, too, I don't know if it's because I'm unbelievable, but I mean, this traffic is coming, and it's just, it's converting, is what's happening.


Scaling Up and Future Business

So I'm gonna be scaling up, I appreciate it, and, uh, Kenneth, you're going to be getting more business from me, a lot more business from me in the future, man. I appreciate you.