278 clicks instead of 100, 59 leads and a 21.22% conversion rate. Wow!

by Chuck Holmes on 23 August 2017

Hey, this testimonial is for Margie. My name is Chuck Holmes. I'm an internet marketer. I spent $38 with Margie the other day to get 100 clicks.



I have my stats here with you. I just wanted to share them with you real quick. I actually got 278 clicks instead of 100, which is awesome. I got 59 leads, which comes out to a conversion rate of 21.22%, which I'm very happy with.


Cost Analysis

I ended up paying 14 cents per click. And each lead cost me 64 cents per lead.


Sales Anticipation

Now, I was promoting Elite Marketing Pro. Most people don't buy right away. Most people have to be in the funnel for somewhere between two and about six weeks. So I'm anticipating some sales in the future.


Final Thoughts

Needless to say, I am very happy with Margie's service.  I highly recommend her. Never met her in real life, but she really over-delivered, and I really appreciate it, Margie, if you watch this. So thanks. Appreciate it.

Have a great day, everyone.