99% Top Tier, 34% overdelivery. Low conversion, but fast delivery.

by Phil Kent on 09 January 2018

Yeah, hi guys. This is just a quick video testimonial for Peter Kostadinov, as you can see on the screen here. I had a recent solo ad. As you can see, I ordered 150 clicks and received 201, giving me 134% over delivery.


Experience with Peter

I've used Peter before. He's always reliable. The traffic is always a quick delivery, and it's always a high top tier. This one was even higher. I think, as you can see, I had 99% top tier this time.


Testing New Page

I did get a low conversion, but that's no reflection on his traffic. I was testing a new page. So that is obviously something that sometimes happens when you test a new page. It doesn't get the conversions that you're looking for. 


Final Thoughts

But generally speaking, I would definitely use him again.  I've used him in the past, and he always delivers the traffic very quick as well. There's nothing worse than waiting a long time, and he always delivers in a matter of hours, and it's always high top tier.

So yeah, highly recommended. Definitely use him again. Go check out his profile, see if he can do a good deal for you. 

Thanks a lot, and I'll speak to you soon.