Amazing solo! I always get consistent sales when I order from you.

by Daniel Burns on 25 April 2018

Appreciation for Consistent Sales

Hey Daniel Burns here and uh... Daniel, want to thank you for another uh... amazing solo because every time I order with you uh... get sales constantly every time I tried Igor Kifitz and uh... the cost is not uh... choice because uh... he's very expensive.


High Cost and Trial and Error

He's very expensive, and it takes a lot of trial and error with him and spending a lot of money before you start actually seeing something. So by the time you have spent a crap load of money, you're sitting there like, well, where's my return?


Consistent Results and Leads

But with you, every time I order a solo, I'm getting results. I'm getting leads. I'm getting a crap ton of leads and a crap ton of sales.


Promoting Legendary Marketer

Okay, um, if anyone's wondering what I'm, you know, what I'm promoting I'm promoting legendary marketer, and it is selling like wildfire with your traffic, and I appreciate it thank you, thank you that's all I got.  


Signing Off

Take care, keep doing what you do, and namaste.