Very happy with Maurizio! Will definetly come back in the future! :)

by Worden on 01 April 2019

Seller Overview


Hi, Oli here with and today we'll be reviewing SoloVet Seller Maruzio Pace. Maruzio Pace is a veteran seller of good reviews and positive ratings.

As listed on his marketplace profile, he delivers 90% top-tier traffic, 10-20% over-delivery guaranteed, he has about 300-500 new fresh subscribers added daily to his list. His niche is MMO, IM, MLM, and BizOps. 


Additional Services and Pricing


He's willing to write free professional ad copy and review whatever your funnel or opt-in page is. With a simple Google search, you can find out that Maurizio Pez has a personal website where he also sold clicks for a slightly cheaper price, about $3 less.

He used 200 clicks with $130 on his Udimi profile. He sells them for $133. Here's the statistic of the purchase I made.


Purchase Experience and Communication


91% was top-tier traffic. of which 82% was United States. I purchased 133 clicks for $90. I received 148 clicks, from which I got 45 opt-ins. The total delivery time was around 16 hours, so fairly fast.

Maurizio Pez is also very active in the chat, so if you have any questions, you can usually ask him and he'll answer you. 


Conclusion and Call to Action


So in review, he seems like a very high quality seller with great prices and a great list. I will definitely buy home again thank you very much, if you'd like me to review another solo seller let me know down below.