Received 38 opt-in to my list. Will use again! Thanks Jason!

by Kwame on 19 March 2018

ladies and gents. This is Kwame of Just want to do a quick shout out and video for my man, Jason. I use this list back on the 16th and 17th I purchased 125 clicks. 


Vendor Experience

I received 140 clicks or visits to my webpage which out of that 140 visits, I received 38 Opt-ins, which is about 27 opt-in rate.

So I'm pleased with that because I don't have any sales yet, but I'm pleased with that because the way I build my list is the offer that I have is a free offer. 


List Building Strategy

And it also um builds my list. My system builds lists rarely. So, just want to give jason a shout-out. I appreciate your work. I will be using him again. 


Vendor Recommendation

Now, if you guys want to use a great vendor, Jason is the man. So I just want to again say shout out to Jason. I appreciate you and I thank you for the good work you have done for me.

Look forward to doing business with you again. All right. Be blessed.