Wow, 25% over-deliver, 20% opt-ins in under 5 hours! Amazing!

by Ennio Tartaglia on 03 December 2017



Hey guys, greetings from Germany. That's where my accent comes from. This is my first experience with Udimi and I just launched my first online business and tried him. 


First Campaign Experience


I have to look now for a moment. I just did the campaign. Steven Lindbaum Sorry, I don't know how to pronounce you well, but you see that's not the point, um well in under five hours. 

I have to look up the stats, but you can see it um that over 25 over delivery 20 opt-ins.




I need two weeks to see if this works, really, and if these guys are buyers, but if so remind me and I will show you what he did, but I hoped for eight percent opt-ins and I got 20 that's much more I have expected, ever wished for.  

Now, wish me luck!