Over deliver with unique traffic. Ready to buy all thousand leads.

by Jean Chery on 09 May 2018

Hi guys, I'm here to really thank this gentleman here, Malik Trapman. This guy, I bought some traffic, about a total of 175, and he over-delivered about Yeah, he'd over delivered uh, uh 20 actually let me see, 28. 28, um, customers. So he, uh, he, um, I hire him, one of the vendors. I try This is one of the thing that we you learn from the wi-fi system.


Affiliate Marketing System

By the way, angie long he is the, uh, author of that system here. It's, a system she put in place if you into affiliate marketing, and you have a lot of products you're selling in a world you line them up like this. I know that she lines and up, you know, 25 bucks here this one here. 

I make 80 bucks from the MCA, you know, car, what side assistant service a Weber is the marketing tool that you need to after these people sign up, you need to, you know, keep, you know, pull them in and get them to complete. 

Hopefully everything that everything on this side but you know, but I don't you all that always happen doesn't you know it doesn't happen usually, but it does help you know to keep marketing the name use that a Weber cost money the more emails you have the more money you know it's gonna cost you per month. 

So you get 25 bucks you get I guess they deducted, or I guess or from your account on a monthly residual every month.


Earning Potential

So eventually that service becomes free to you. And the first month is free. Right now, I'm paying 20 bucks a month for it. I've been using it for other products I have online. 

But I just want to show people how Malik did with me.  He was generous enough to give me extra leads. And look at that. Look at the turnaround. This is very good right here. Good news. 112. That's two days ago it happened. And look how many people registered. 71. And I already got 25 bucks.

So that's 11, 12, 13. At ebates at 25 bucks for every referral that I've made. And I, you know, so for 13. And I've got a total of four.


Personal Experience

I don't know where that one was okay don't store three of them already, you know, became a member of the MCA now I do have triple-a I have to tell the story with this thing here ice when I've I got introduced to somebody online because I'm always on Facebook looking for something. 

Do in the replace my income you know I'm trying to leave my 95 and online guys is the way to go it's very rewarding and you and every day you get away so about getting a ways every day now mind you it's a hundred and thirty.

If I can show you guys how much I pay for this service you wouldn't believe if I tell you 130, and I got 475 135 leads, and you know, the returns gonna be on that when you do the math, which I did, where can I find? 

I know, I know there was a receipt that I was done.


Final Thoughts on the System

I know I paid 130 by the way, when you go on Udimi, you see how much you charge per emails I can't find the total, but I don't want this video to be too long. But Malik, man, you did a number. I'm going to go ahead and buy the rest.

I know you have a thousand leads. This was a test and you did phenomenally well. And I, you know, I, you know, I'm just letting people know, hey, try Malik, man. And you can see I have proof, video proof. My next vendor is him. He's in Germany. 

He has 85% return on his marketing. He's my, I already have a campaign with him at 100, 100, 100. did very well, man. 130 bucks. I'm looking at if all 112 join in. When you do the math, I'm looking at this to return it with $130 investment, guys. Ain't that something? You know, so I will have a follow-up email on this.  

And you guys will just sign up, I know you're gonna I'm gonna make it possible for you to see this video this is you guys were my first one. and I want to thank you guys. And you guys you and your turn, you're up next.

You're up next uh you know and uh ng has videos, show you step by step how to do this. Do it, guys. It's worth it. Instead of putting your money in saving account, throw it there, man.


Conclusion and Encouragement

130 for 9 000 in a bed it ain't bad man, so um I haven't got paid yet. They have days they get paid, um, so it's coming in slowly and surely. you can see, so I'll say once all this is in those are apt ins once they all go through, and you know that's how much I'm gonna make.

Guys that's how much I'm gonna make so this thing works I've tried so many things online and this thing here works you know MCA has so much benefits unlimited towing it has helicopter system for emergency you need to be helicopter 16,000. 

I mean Angie long has she has videos on these things step by step it's, and she does the sailing all we gotta do you know send people to it get the traffic you either buy the traffic or you work it on Facebook. 

See because I have so much project going I haven't had time to really post ads but the little I've been posting look what look what's happening here.

I got two sales out of 64 look for I got six so it's a work Twitter I've not I've not done much, but, you know.

I got two people who clicked on it no opt-ins, yet I gotta work a little harder with my Twitter account, as you can see, but this is the way man this gun was gonna do it for me.  

You know, I can pretty soon I'll get, you know virtual softwares for this to get, you know, I'm working on putting up software together to one these.

I'm gonna teach people on my team. And, guys, thank you, guys.

Look at this and once you tool, I'm gonna show you how, you know, to use other tools to keep this unautomated where you don't have to do very much, you know uh.

So uh again I want to thank you malik um for doing this and get, you know, get ready for my next campaign, my big campaign of a thousand email um so you this is Udimi. 

If you guys haven't heard this, this was new to me too i you know I've not heard of this com of this website service where they you could buy traffic from different vendors. 

For whatever you can buy traffic for anything real estate anything guys and this system here, which I'm gonna use for my uh cryptocurrency I do crypto uh I'm in the crypto world line them up right here one two three I wonder if you could do four but um so that's a three pay three times you get paid three different ways, man so this is it.

I just want to share that with you guys, so I'll see catch you on the next video stay tuned alright guys, peace.