My business moving forward! I just keep buying this traffic!

by Christopher Lwin on 16 May 2017

Hey, what's going on? This is Rob Fraser here. This video I want to talk about my two main traffic sources. Actually, my two main paid traffic sources. And these two traffic sources I'm going to share with you in this video are dollar for dollar the best places to get traffic. 


Main Traffic Sources

Now these aren't the only two places I do get traffic, but again these two places have got me the most clicks for my dollars, or actually clicks for my cents that I'm spending, and good sign-ups the whole deal. And actually, starting off, this is actually my AWeber back office here.

Just show you an example of some of my lead flow. Past couple of days, been kind of slowish. And it's just simply because I haven't been purchasing that amount of money. 


Lead Flow and Traffic

Much traffic But again, I am still averaging over thirteen thousand dollars a week in my home business says and it, and it's the reason. 

I was able to create that money is from the traffic that I'm pumping through my different sales funnels now again 193 folks today yesterday 133 folks You know, I remember way back in a day, you know, I have 35 unsubscribed, but I remember just wanting to have 35 leads total. 


Daily Traffic and Leads

So now I got 35 unsubscribing. And when my traffic is pumping, usually average around 300 to 400 leads a day. On average, it just depends on what I'm doing, when the solo ads are actually going out, and when the traffic is hitting and things like that.

So again, today, past couple of days, been kind of slowish. But still, 133 yesterday, then 193 today.


Two Main Traffic Sources

And you can see I have a total of 31,865 folks on my list. So the two places are Udimi Solo Ads and Traffic For Me.

Udimi Solo Ads and Traffic For Me. Now, here you can see some of my current solo ads. Have bought actually this one's already completed uh this one's gonna actually just in the process of starting I'm gonna have one tomorrow one the next day, usually I buy around a thousand clicks a pop.


Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck

These two places, again, dollar for dollar, are where I'm getting the most bang for my buck. Traffic for me, it's real easy. All you do is you order traffic, you put in your capture page, your landing page, whatever page it is you're promoting, you buy your clicks and that's it.

You buy your clicks, you send it to your capture page or whatever page you're promoting and that's it. 


Using Udimi Solo Ads and Traffic For Me

You don't have to worry about anything. Udimi solo ads, you do have to come up with a solo ad swipe, things like that. Also, if you reach out to me, I have an hour-long training on swipes.

Actually, if you go to YouTube, and I'll try to include the link below this video, but if you type in Traffic 101, traffic, the word, and then space 101, my solo ad training will pop up at the front. 


Spending Amounts for Traffic

I don't know why I called it Traffic 101. But I have an hour-long hangout that will show you exactly, exactly how to write a swipe. So again, just doing a quick shout out. Also, my suggestion, if you have $150 or more to use for traffic, you want to go with traffic for me.

If you have $149 or less, You want to use Udimi solo ads. 


Starting Out and Earning More

This is just a thing that, you know, it's just an easy number. Folks are starting out, you know, the average person isn't spending around $4,000 or $5,000 a week in traffic like I am or like I used to.

The average person maybe has $50, $20 a week to spend on traffic. I suggest starting out here in Udimi, working your way up.  And you will get sign-ups because this I was started off earning $250 a week and now $13,000 weeks. 


Choosing the Right Package

And it was from just buying this traffic over and over and over again. So again, $25 to $149, is that your budget? Hang out here in Udimi. Once you have $150, you want to come over here, traffic for me, start buying the little starter packages over here.

You know, I just had this up to show you my current orders, but you click on order traffic. You have that 150 bucks. 


Maintaining Business Momentum

You just come down here. Starter traffic packages. You can start here And their range from 150 to 200 bucks. I would start here and just buy this package over and over and over again.  If you don't have 150 bucks, you come over here, and you buy, You know, 100, 200 clicks.

Don't be, you know either, that that's what I had to do. And that's what I'm still doing today. I just picked up this order for 125 clicks, 80 bucks. 




This one was, I think this was like 60-ish, 60, 70 bucks or something like that. But the thing is, I just keep buying this traffic over and over and over again. I make some profits in my business.

I take a portion of those profits and about 30% of my profits, my new money that I bring in from my business, I come over here, and I use it to buy traffic. And that keeps my business moving forward.  So Rob Fraser here. Are you seeing my leads here? Udimi Solo Ads and