Good solo run! This traffic to me is top-notch! It's really good!

by Wes Simmons on 17 April 2017

Hey, what's up, guys? This is Wes Simmons. Come to you with a quick video, short testimony about Udimi and one of the vendors that I use with Udimi to purchase traffic. And let me bring up his profile. Where the heck is it? Right here. Mr. William McRae. Been ordering traffic from William.

Man, let me see how many orders I've placed. Because this traffic to me is top-notch. He's basically my go-to vendor on Udimi.


Shoutout to William McRae

And so if Mr. William McRae has seen this video, a big shout-out to you, sir. I love your I love your traffic um I love your list, I always mention that in my comments when i whenever I'm done with a solo ad so um so let me do this.  

Where? All right, let me go on my solos but yeah um I mean as you can see that I've been buying solo ads from mr william mccray um I mean, I've used them before. Let me just go back to my log. I'm trying to see, when did I start buying saw ash? Okay, yeah, April of last year.


First Purchase and Quality of Traffic

Let me see. But, yeah, I think my first purchase from him was back in April. I've always gotten like a... 100 clicks, you know, doing some tests, test runs with him and everything, but now I'm just heavily all in with our William. I'm a great because it's me.

He's he's fast It's leads are, they're fresh, they're not reused, and I Like you to my the reason why I like you to my so much is because for people that's, you know, if you're on a budget You know the cost of clicks, Um, they're real cheap.


Provided Traffic and Over-Delivery

And, um, you know, this, and he provides, um, A1 traffic. You know, I just did a traffic run yesterday, I'm gonna do one again today. And he always overdelivers. Um, 100 visitors, I got 110. 

And, um, let me just see if I can just show you where the traffic is coming from I mean you to my they've updated their platform makes it really easy for people like myself, you know, that's buying traffic on how to really, you know, get more bang for your buck. And as you can see, you know, USA traffic, that's all I want.


Top Tier Traffic, Test Runs and Other Sources

I want just top tier traffic. I mean, I'm cool. Sometimes I may get some traffic from Canada, you know, New Zealand, Australia, but it's real simple, you know, and love is traffic, you know, and if I need to do a test run with a typical offer that I have I'm trying out to where I don't want to pay upwards.

You know, from 300 to 500 to 800 bucks or whatever, typically, you know, for the real expensive of traffic sources, which I don't mind doing I do that anyway. 

But, I mean you know my I mean you can't go wrong. I mean, there's some vendors out here that provide a you know, good traffic, but I'm just used to William McRae's traffic.


William McRae's Traffic and Other Vendors

To me, he's one of the best vendors on here. There are some few others that I use with Udimi, too. But right now, this short video is about Mr. William McRae. 

And I'm going to continue buying traffic from him pretty much all year. Like I said, Udimi is one of my other sources that I use. I have two other traffic vendors. Recently on that I made was about rock-solid traffic, which is awesome. 

But also, I use you to my I mean, if you're an online marketer, internet marketer, And you need to have more than one source of traffic To get leads.


More on William McRae's Traffic

I mean, to get traffic from one more part. What is it? You need more than one source of traffic. There we go. And you demise is, uh, the place where I really got started with. That's building my list. And as you can see, you know, I'm all into william mccray's uh, I'm all into his email list and, uh, because he has good stuff. 

And, um, so if you're looking for one of a good vendor that has awesome traffic, I recommend william mccray with Udimi and, uh, you can't go wrong with him.


Cost per Click and Quality of Traffic

As you can see, let me just show you what his cost per clicks are um come on all right so as you can see yeah it's not it's 45 cents per click, I mean per visitor, so. It's really good, you know. Sometimes when people are looking for the best cost per visitor or cost per click, Typically, their traffic is trash.

I mean, I'm all for, you know, trying to say we're buggered to, you know, to protect your costs, but, you know, you won't have that issue with William McCrae. I mean, his traffic is bar none.  


William McCrae's Profile and Order Process

As you can see, read his profile. You know, 95% tier one traffic. Some over-deliver. I'm going to always say he's going to always over-deliver.

Um all orders were all orders were start on the requested you know start date so today's being 15.

I'm gonna place another order once I get down this video, and I'm just gonna start right away usually um depending on your order um typically you know for 100 visitors you know it takes one day you know if you want you get more it takes maybe a day or two, but I mean it's pretty much as fast.


Leads and Conclusion

You can see he has over 50,000 leads per month to their platform and flush out old leads. So he's always, you know, flushing out old leads, having fresh leads for, you know, for his buyers, you know, like myself.  So you always want clean, fresh leads looking at your business. And this is what Mr. McRae offers. So yeah, looking for vendors on Udimi.

I recommend William McRae. If you're looking to get set up with Udimi, my link will be posted in the description box. Check it out. It's free to make an account. Udimi is real cost-efficient to start running traffic to your business as an internet marketer. Give these guys a shot. Definitely give Mr. William McRae a look-see. 

You'll get a bunch of leads into your system. Matter of fact, for 100 leads, visitors, you may get 50 to 60 leads in your system, depending on what you're offering. Anyway, this is my quick, short testimony from Mr. William McRae, and I will see you guys in my next video.  Peace out.