Bought 150 solo ads from George, got 16% overdelivery. Impressive!

by Thabang Hlao on 24 August 2017

Hey guys uh this is tarantula from South Africa. I recently on the in fact, on the 21st of August, I bought 150 uh solo ads from George and I must really say that I'm impressed of the work that he did. 


Experience and Results

Although I don't have any sales per se now, but He overdelivered with 16%, and I got opt-ins just for me to follow up with the prospects and make sure that they convert it to customers and actually buy the product. 


Conclusion and Recommendation

So I think the guy is a real deal. I can recommend him for any business, for any product that you want to actually promote. I think you'll never go wrong. So thumbs up, thank you.