Got Udimi and ClickFunnels referrals. Will buy again! Thanks!

by Tim on 30 October 2018

Initial Experience with Referrals


This first time doing this, you know, only thing I was looking for with the Udimi referrals and ClickFunnels referrals, you know, I can make profit off of, you know, my affiliates that I have. And with this guy's service right here, it was accomplished.

I paid for 100 clicks, you know, just to start off to see, you know, if things went right.


Positive Results and Plans for More Investments


I plan on buying even more, you know, because I gained my affiliates. I definitely plan to buy again from him. It was very wonderful.

I mean, very, very wonderful. I really recommend this guy, you know, top tire, top tire traffic, very quality traffic. 


Overdelivery and Quality Traffic


I love the overdelivery. I love overdelivery as well. That was something very great to really help me on my campaign.  I'm already generating profit.

You know, I'll be generating profit, some click funnels, just simply with just a simple price of $43. 


Satisfaction with Service and Future Plans


I really got more than that. And I'd rather say that he deserves more than just 43 for even these 100 clicks.

I think it's one price very generous price and says what now I'm gonna really invest in you thank you very much