Bought 500 clicks, got 516. 52% opt-ins, 1 sale. Amazing rate!

by Rashid Omer on 11 February 2023

Hi, my name is Rashid and I recently got 500 clicks from Thomas and got 516 clicks, 52% opt-ins which is I think amazing opt-in rate. Got a sale and hopefully more sales in my funnel. 


Support from Thomas


The main thing I want to thank Thomas was the support that he gave me. before buying clicks, he told me to please send me his, my affiliate link, so I can check your funnel. He reviewed it and then said to me, it's perfect. 


Funnel Adjustments


A few adjustments need to be made it and I made them and I got for 2% option rate. Amazing. He gave me a few advices how to optimize my funnel even more and let's hope I get even more sales.




Amazing support amazing person deal with I hope this review whoever sees it find helpful.