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Socrates Socratous
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About me
I have been marketing online since 2002 and made 8-figures using my lists. I am now selling a portion of my traffic on Udimi. Let me help you get results!

Bizopp/Make Money Online/Work from Home Niches

Will mail subscribers AND Buyers.

✓ 90%-100% Tier 1 (T1) traffic
✓ Up to 10% Overdelivery
✓ 500-1000 FRESH Subscribers Added Every Day
✓ This list is currently making $30k+ per month in affiliate/CPA commissions

While you will likely make lots of opt ins and sales, I cannot guarantee results. You are paying for clicks from my email list. It's your responsibility to have a well converting landing page with an opt-in form to receive subscribers.

Let me know if you need help or if you'd like me to look at your lander before ordering.
Will you email your buyers?
YES. I will email my buyer lists as well. You will receive the same clicks that are making me 6-figures a year in CPA/affiliate commissions. Please make good use of this premium quality traffic.
How experienced are you?
I have been marketing online and actually making money with affiliate marketing since 2002. After selling solos only to select few private clients, I decided to try Udimi. I have generated millions as an affiliate and millions as a vendor. My experience is vast in this space. If you have questions or need a tip - hit me up
How good is your traffic?
I have made 8-figures over the years with my lists. This is the same traffic I use to make thousands in affiliate commissions. My lists have NOT been exposed to udimi ofers before. So if you are looking for unsaturated NEW leads, order soon.
Will I make sales?
You may make lots of sales you may make zero sales. it's entirely up to your offer. We cannot guarantee sales or even opt ins. What I can guarantee is that your link will go to the SAME lists (including buyers) that makes me thousands in affiliate commissions every week. Most clients receive a lot of optins and many also see sales during the solo and also after following up with the leads
What Niches do you support?
My lists are in the Bizopp / Make Money / Work from Home Niches.
Where do you get your subscribers from?
I am a large media buyer. I buy lots of advertising from all over the web and send it to my squeeze pages. Then I email those leads for affiliate commissions.
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United States
all the rest
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