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Not Your Typical Solo Ads These Are Are My Buyer Leads From W+ These Leads Are Super Engaged, Once You Try You Will See The Difference!
Anthony Rousek
From Australia.
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About me and my offer
Welcome dear marketer, my name is Anthony. These Solo Ad Leads Are Not Your Typical Solo Ads These Are Are My Product Launch Buyer Leads From W+ These Leads Are Super Engaged, Once You Try You Will See The Difference! which is why right now im super excited to be launching my new 100% TOP PREMIUM TRAFFIC WITH WARRIOR PLUS LEADS Today's Your Lucky Day as Right Now Im offering 100% Premium Soloads and w+ buyer leads If You Order ToDday As Part of This Deal you get - My Passive Funnel System Course Where you learn how to master solo ad leads - My Done For You Service Where I share with you the exact pages that convert solo ads into sales - Prenium Solo Ad Traffic with W+ Buyers included - Free Funnel Review -10% Over Delivery Guaranteed By Accepting Solo With me You Must Agree to the following: ============================================= 1) its important to Message me first as i can review your offer to see if its a good fit for my list BEFORE You Proceed with your order, as your offer maybe reject if i feel that its not a good fit. 2) It's Important to note that once you place order i cannot stop order, so its up to you to you have the correct landing page. It is your responsibility to have correct landing pages and offers, Change during run will not be accepted! 4) I Cannot guarantee leads, or sign ups or sales different offers work with different pages, i will not issue refunds if your offer performs badly as costs go toward buying freshest possible leads, by placing order you must agree to this. 5) I Do not accept CBD Oil MLM Offers, Double optin offers and Direct Linking Offers or direct pages these don't work well with my list 6) Due to time differences and other commitments i will accept your order within 24hrs of receiving it, and will not be able to respond to questions immediately 7) Capture page is required on all orders. I Do not accept offers such as CPA/AFFILIATE OFFERS without an email optin page first 8) We are not accepting no mobile offers at this time 9) My Refund Policy: There are no guarantees or sales if you get nothing i do not refund after 100% completion NO Exceptions!! I am happy to do a refund when your order reaches 50% please message me if you feel your offer is running poorly. However when 100% is completed no refunds and no exceptions! NOTE: Profit Passport offers will be rejected I Do Not Accept High Ticket Offers Thanks Anthony Rousek
affiliate marketing
biz opp
make money online
make money
US only
top tier
warrior plus
affiliate ma
money online
low ticket
email marketing
no mobile
desktop only
Internet Market
1) Does my offer suit your subscribers?
My leads are warmed and pre qualified for MMO, IM, MLM, Biz Opp and Home Biz Niches, as long as your offer is these niches my leads will be interested to see your offer.
2) How fresh is your list?
I am adding around 500 highy targeted subscribers every single day to my autoresponder, over 3,500 fresh leads a week that are interested to buy your product online
3) Do I need to provide a swipe?
No. I know my traffic better than anyone else. Therefore, I know what they respond to
so I would handle the swipe or ad copy. However, if you insist, we can work something out.
4) I do not have tracking software. Will I get a complete traffic report?
No Worries Here. I will send you a complete traffic report once the clicks
are completed. You'll be able to see the traffic quality of the solo ads. I can also provide
you live tracking stats so you can check stats live.
5) How long is fast will you deliver my order?
I like to allow 72 hours for delivery, however traffic will start in next 12 to 16 hours
after purchase on agreed date.
6) Can you guarantee subscribers and sales?
No, this absolutely depends on your offer. However, I will ensure your offer is a good
match for my list before sending. I will double check that your funnel works before I will start promoting your offer to my list.

I Do Not Issue Refunds if you get 0 optins or 0 Sales on completed orders.

But if you message me after 50% of the run and you get 0 optins i may refund it. No way do i refund after order is completed
7) Do you send solo ad to your buyer list?
Yes. I always sent solo ad to my buyers list, because of this most of my clients are getting
amazing results with sales.
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94% United States
2% Canada
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