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From Slovenia.
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If you're looking for high quality email traffic for your affiliate offers, you've come to the right place. If your offer is a good fit for my traffic, here's what you can expect: ⚠ I am new to Udimi, but I am not new to the Solo traffic game! I have 2 years of experience. This is industry-leading traffic! But also because I am new on Udimi these mean, a lot of new people and hungry buyers is waiting for you ✔️You get 10% OVER DELIVERY. (If you buy 100, you will get 110.) ✔️ *100% top tier clicks* - you can expect a steady flow of top tier visitors from United States, Great Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. These people have the buyer mindset and ability to spend. Plus, they speak English. ✔️ The Highest In CUSTOMER CARE ✔️** 100% T1, top tier, (90% US,10% CA, UK )** available for an additional price. ✔️ *24-hour delivery* - I am committed to delivering for you within 24 hours of you submitting your order. Money loves speed! ❗READ BEFORE YOU BUY ❗: ❗ Refunds after delivering more than 50% of the order are unavailable . ✔️ I do my best for highest list quality, but I can never guarantee any kind of results ❗ There are high chances you will make sales during the actual run of my traffic. It might happen that sales do not occur immediately. ✔️ Feedback is always welcome, I see any customer as a partner I work with.
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What is the source of your clicks?
If you place an order with me, you will have exclusive access to great email lists of fresh solo ad prospects that are thoroughly engaged.
What percentage of your traffic is top tier?
My traffic is 100% top tier by default and if you want, I can even do 100% top tier.
When will my order go out?
Your order will go out within 24 hours of you submitting your order through Udimi dashboard and delivered within a day max. Most orders are fulfilled the same day
Does your list have buyers?
Yes, buyers included!
My leads are mostly from Making Money Online, Business Opportunities, Crypto, and Multi Level Marketing niches
Do you have Fresh traffic ?
Yes! I add 350+ users daily so it is always fresh.
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92% United States
3% United Kingdom
2% Canada
3% all the rest
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