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Rok Brecelj
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3 hours
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11% off
Minimum order 300 clicks
About me

I provide high qualiti traffic

90% Top Tier Traffic Guaranteed

Quality Traffic With Buyers. Works well with - Crypto, BIZop, MMO, MLM, Clickbank, WarriorPlus, Work from home etc!

10% Over Delivery

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If you need any Help you are welcome to contact me.

How can i change my link?
Changing your link is very simple.

If your solo ad has not started then simply open it and click Change ad text link on Info tab and then click Send Changes to Seller.

IMPORTANT: Please note its not my responsibility if you make an error on your end, you can still request to change the link as instructed above, however if any clicks have already been sent its on you.

Please double check your link works, thank you.
When will my order go out?
Your order will go out within 24 hours after you submit your order through the Udimi Dashboard and will be delivered within 3 days.
Do you guarantee sales?
NO. No one can guarantee sales, but I guarantee to go above and beyond for you to win your business long term because that's how everyone wins.
How do i leave a testimonial?
In order to submit a testimonial follow these steps:

- Click on ”ORDERS” to the left menu.
- At top center you have "ALL, BOUGHT or SOLD". Click on bought.
- Open the solo you wish to leave a testimonial on.
- You are now on ”STATS” page. Scroll down to the middle on page.
- There you should see an box where you can leave your testimonial.

* You should consider to let at least 10 days to pass before you post your testimonial because sometimes it takes a while for people to consider your offer plus you should always have followup emails going out to your clients under that time.
Do you over deliver on clicks?
I over-deliver up to 10% of clicks on all orders.
Will you help with my landing page?
Yes. I will review your landing page.
Top tier countries
United States
all the rest
Testimonials from buyers of solo deal
Italia Or Linda Elze
Great solo..great delivery..thank you
Udimi stats: Delivered 110 out of 100 visitors (+10%)
16 Sep 2021
No sales
Lisa A Helton
I did not get any sales but I did get a 51% opt-in rate
Udimi stats: Delivered 312 out of 300 visitors (+4%)
21 Aug 2021
No sales