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High Converting Premium Traffic. Responsive&Fresh. 10% OD.

10% Over Delivery I The Best 90% Tier 1 Traffic that CONVERTS I Traffic for MMO, BizOp, IM, Crypto I My List is Responsive&Fresh I BUYERS INC
From Slovenia.
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Hi Everyone, My aim is to guarantee you the BEST customers service because I believe that a satisfied customer is the best Advertisement for my Business. I can provide: * Quality Traffic with Buyers that Works well with MMO, Crypto, BizOp, Clickbank, WarriorPlus, Work from Home, etc.! * 10% BONUS Clicks on EVERY Order * A Minimum of 90% T1 Traffic to your Order * I only deliver real UNIQUE Clicks that will be counted towards your order * FRESH subscribers added daily to my list * FAST delivery If you need any help or have additional questions, just inbox me=) I look forward to working with you! Yours in success, Maja **Disclaimer (Read Before Ordering)** If you are going to buy traffic from me, there are high chances that you will make sales during the actual run of my traffic. But it may also occur that the sales will not happen immediately. I am offering a high-quality lead generation service, not a guaranteed sales service and it is up to you to offer your customers a high conversion or service product and follow your leads with follow-up emails to get sales. If you expect sales during each round, and you intend to leave me negative feedback if you don't make sales or if you get an Opt-In lower than expected, please do not buy from me. Thank you. Also please note that **(No Mobile Traffic Orders Are Not Accepted)**
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What is the Tier 1 (T1) percentage of your list and from what countries?
I send traffic from over T1 85% + (US, CA, UK, NZ, AU) and I also have an option to order only T1 100% traffic.
How are you building your list?
My list was built only with paid traffic sources through solo ads, FB ads, Bing ads, and media buy.
How big is your list?
I have over 20k subscribers on my list and I use Aweber and GetReponse autoresponder.
How frequently do you add new subscribers and how responsive is your list?
I add more than 300 fresh subscribers per day to my list.
Do you include buyers?
I have more than 4,500 BUYERS on my list.
Is your list suitable for MLM/Bizop/MMO?
Yes. My list is targeted for MLM, Bizopp, and MMO niches.

MLM= Multi-Level Marketing
Have you ever joined a program that required you to sell stuff, and recruit other people
to make money (pyramid schemes)? That's MLM.

Biz op= Business Opportunities:
Biz op are programs that are based on working from home, make money from home.

MMO = Make Money Online
Solo ad sellers' lists will be based on the MMO niche 99% of the time.
Do you over-deliver? If so, how much?
Yes I always over-deliver 10% clicks on the total amount of the order. If you order 100 clicks, you will receive 110 clicks (10% clicks free).
What's the desktop and mobile percentage on your list?
People every day are using smartphones and tablets for their everyday tasks. Whether it's business-related or for entertainment purposes mobile devices are preferred amongst many people. With that said it's normal to have both desktop and mobile users on an email list. On average, desktop/mobile clicks are 40% desktop and 60% mobile clicks.
Do you provide swipes?
Yes, I do provide my own swipes for free.
Average traffic geography
Top tier countries
99% United States
1% all the rest
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