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100% tier 1 and I am including 15% OD

Try out my traffic to build a list of hungry buyers who will take action when presented with an offer
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About me
I have built a couple of well curated lists of 70k subscribers (in total) in the MMO and Digital Marketing niches over four years.
Through these and over 400 daily hand picked fresh leads, i provide high quality Tier 1 Traffic (95%+) particularly excellent for MLM, Bizop, Crypto or Make money online.
Traffic goes direct from my list of active buyers of course !

Fast delivery included as well as an over-delivery of 10%+ depending on the offer.

I also provide traffic on a lower scale ( 1k - 5k subscribers lists ) for niches such as : Health and Fitness, Recipes and Food, Personal development... .

Contact me with your offer and we'll discuss the details.
If you have any questions, about orders or anything else, i'd be happy to answer them, really !

Looking forward to working with you !
How much Tier 1 traffic do you deliver?
I aim for à 100% T1 traffic and guarantee to deliver a minimum of 95% with all orders.
Would you help improve order's landing page?
I would, i will provide tips and remarks, or a landing page for free if requested or needed.
How soon will clicks start getting delivered?
Clicks reports usually start within 2 hours of accepting orders. Depending on the offer, records might take up to 12 hours to show clicks, but always same day delivery !
Do you over deliver?
I over-deliver 10% of clicks on order at least.
Why should i buy off you not the next seller?
Because I just started again in Udemi and want to regain credibility. Not only i have relevant experience in the field, but also will bend over backwards for your order and satisfaction ! I guarantee you my undivided focus.
Why did you leave and get back to Udemi?
I went on exploring another aspect (work line) of the marketing/affiliate field for a little over a year. In parallel, i took the time to consolidate my tools e.g., Buyers lists, SMTP…
But here i am now !
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