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From Bangladesh.
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Are you looking For Highly Converting Traffic… Try my traffic and I'm sure you'll be back for more. ✓ Active List + Buyers List (fresh subscribers added daily) ✓ Premium traffic direct from my own list ✓ 90+% Tier 1 Traffic! ✓ 10% Over Delivery GUARANTEED. ✓ Great Customer Service (I’m always available to help) ✓ 100% MMO/IM/MLM/BizOpp Targeted Clicks ✓ Unique Clicks Only, No Exit Traffic I’ve been selling traffic online for the past 3 years. l sell Solo Ads on Facebook groups. I recently decided to start selling on UDIMI.
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What is the average optin rate of your traffic ?
Generally 20-80%  most usually fall somewhere in the middle .
Can I expect sales with your traffic ?
Yes sales can be expected but are not guaranteed as there is no way of knowing how a sub will react to your offer or if they are in buyer mode that day
Can you guarantee a certain opt in rate or sales?
The simple answer is no. My job is to deliver quality and real human-based traffic to any site of your choosing, but it's your full responsibility to make sure that your pages and tracking works, and that your funnel is able to convert the traffic into paying customers.
How fast can you deliver the traffic?
All orders of 1,000 clicks or less are delivered within 48 hours max. However, in rare cases, it may take a bit longer depending on the number of customers we have to deliver to at the time.
Can you use my exact swipe?
Yes, you can add your email swipe upon placing your order. However, depending on the wording, please be advised that we may tweak your swipe to fit our audience.
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90% United States
3% Canada
2% Australia
1% United Kingdom
4% all the rest
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