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Hi! My name is Austin Wayne and I am one of the top rated solo ad sellers in the industry. I add fresh leads daily and only deliver premium traffic with buyers included.
From United States.
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_PERFECT FOR: MLM/BIZ OPP/MAKEMONEYONLINE/DIGITAL PRODUCTS/REVSHARE_ YOU GET THESE 4 BONUS FEATURES IF YOU ORDER FROM ME: -80% minimum Tier 1 Guaranteed -No dead list. Hundreds of fresh new subs added daily -Highly responsive traffic -Buyers list included TOP REPUTABLE SOLO ADS SELLER with testimonials from FELLOW SOLO AD SELLERS: Tips for buying successful solo ads: Apart from having a sale from the results, the next thing you want to look at is the opt-in rate. The opt-in rate simply means the number of people that subscribes to your list as a result of the traffic. Assuming you have bought 100 clicks and have 50 opt-ins, then the opt-in rate is 50%. Let me break it down for you what this means in terms of cost. For example, if you were to buy 100 clicks at $60 and you get a 50% opt-in rate, then your cost per subscriber would be $60/50 = $1.20 per subscriber If the traffic is really awesome and let's say converts at 70% opt-in rate, then your cost per subscriber would be $60/70 = $0.86 cents per subscriber ( you save 34 cents per subscriber!) Highly responsive traffic would usually result in a high opt-in rate where the subscribers are active to take action and also possibly lead to a higher sales conversion!
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