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_The Lead-Providing Company._

Welcome to Our Firm. We are ENRI and STEVE the Founders of this

We have struggled throughout the years to fine good traffic for our
marketing opportunities.
We have struggled to create a great email list full of active and
responsive people. We have struggled so much because we weren't buying
the right traffic. WE decided to start producing leads and traffic
ourselves and created our own TOPMETHOD. This brought us to a new
world. A world where we had in our hands the potential for the perfect
traffic, the potential to give a priceless service to our fellow
marketers. That is when TOPLIFE was born.


We have built our company around the word TOP, that is because we want
to be straight forward on our GOAL. We will deliver a service you will
not forget. Throughout years of experience in Internet Marketing we
were able to define what good Inbound traffic is about and how there
are few Providers who are actually able provide it.

We developed a method that keeps our Followers active by having a High
Followers Turn over rate. We keep among our followers only the active
and interactive subscribers.

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5 May 2017
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