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Self-Help, Wellness, Personal Development Friendly Solo Ads for Sales! Bonus 10% Guaranteed OD
Khin Wee  Ng
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About me
Good day, It's great to connect with you here.I have a responsive list
in Personal Develpopment niche. My list responds great mostly to LOA
and Success/Wealth/Abundance offers and secondly to Health/Wellness
and Fitness offers. I believe in customer satisfaction & will also
work with you personally to increase your conversions for your email
copy and squeeze page. Feel free to message me and I'll do my best to
help you. =)
Where are your clicks from?
Our clicks come from Facebook where we do paid advertising. We target only Tier 1 countries so you can be assured of the highest quality for traffic.
How do you send you clicks?
We send you clicks ONLY via email. We do not funnel clicks or deal with mixed clicks. No shady business from us because we care only for the highest quality possible.
I am new in this business. Can you help me?
Yes! Contact us and let's have a chat. If you do buy from us, we will even give you a funnel review. For free!
Are there buyer's traffic only?
As of this moment, we do not provide buyer's only traffic. We build our list by providing free high quality eBooks.
Do you over-deliver?
In most cases, yes. However, please note that over-delivery (OD) is not part of the package. We typically OD in the region of 10%.
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United States
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New Zealand
all the rest
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David Kilby
Excellent quality leads
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16 Aug 2019
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Victor Walthour
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8 Aug 2019
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