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Buyers Traffic Included. Traffic Convert for Biz Op, IM, MMO, CPA offers. 100% Premium Solo Ad Traffic with 10% OD.
Nathanael Thomas Oswald
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About me
Hello folks! Book my slot with confidence. I keep a cultivated list, primed for MMO, MLM & BizOps, full of responsive leads with proven buying power!

I am passionate about helping you along your journey to Great Traffic, More Conversions, Booming Business and Financial Freedom!

My traffic list is:
✓ 90% T1 Biz Op and MMO (T1 Clicks, 100% USA, 100% English Speaking T1)

✓ Buyers included (Please keep in mind that sales are not a GUARANTEE.)


I reserve the right to start sending traffic to the URL before the provisional date. Preferably you provide your swipe and I have the right to change it if it’s needed. Please keep your ad short and

I’m not responsible for downtime or tech issues you may encounter with your business, hosting provider, or server. This is completely beyond my control. You are responsible to make sure your site
functioning properly. No refunds or credits will be issued on lost time due to such issues. Although many clients get good results from Solo AD mailings.

I cannot guarantee results from using my service, as this largely depends on market demand for your product or service and your ability to write ads that create a desire for the product or service in the
readers' minds, and as such, I do not offer refunds. I do however guarantee that your ad will reach the number of people ordered and remember I always over-deliver…. I reserve the right to refuse any
offer that I feel is not appropriate or a good fit for my list. In this case, you will receive a refund. If you are unsure, then please send your offer prior to ordering.

And that also means NO REFUNDS! Unless, of course, I fail to deliver! If you are not 100% certain you want my service please contact me before you buy to discuss. *larger solos will be delivered within an agreed period. The monthly Clicks Package will be sent out in a period of one month (distributed over the month).
What kind of niche is my offer that you accept?
Your offer has to be in the BizOpp or Make Money Online niches. No Mobile & T1 Clicks are preferred.
Do I have to provide my landing page?
Yes, you need to work to optimize your funnel, your conversions and your sales!
Can I show my link before placing an order with you?
Of course! PM me to drop your link and I get back to you and confirm your link.
If I place another order, will I receive a fresh traffic to my order?
Yes, you will be assured that there is no repeat traffic to your order. So the same offer will not be seen twice or more from my own tracking tools.
How well does your traffic convert on my lead capture link?
Although the quality of your lead capture squeeze page is important, I have found that on average the traffic conversions averages between 15% - 50% from click to opt-in lead. Some very high-quality pages convert better while others may convert lower.

For example, lower conversions may be due to the overall look and quality of the graphics on the website, the message in the text or font size and color theme, and more entries/fields on the form such as phone number or address will decrease conversions as well.

It is recommended that all traffic be directed to your lead capture page and never sent directly to an offer/ affiliate link directly.
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