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Hi everyone

Ok I'll cut straight to the chase. I've spent two years completing my new web business. It's not something selling crap - it's a full on web platform. - Full details on request.

Now because I spent two years making the platform money is tight (it was full time developing) but I do have an ad budget sitting there. Basically I need active sign ups. It's a free to signup site.

Now as the owner of the site I can do a deal if someone has confidence in their traffic. Basically the deal is this:

You take a look, and if you like it and are confident of your traffic, prove it. You can promote your own signup link and get 10% lifetime commissions.

I'll still buy the ads here, but we have to have a deal on overdelivery to your own link. I have to get this moving. Yes there is probably tweaks to be made to the site but the platform works perfectly. It's ready for the launch.

So the question is: is anyone willing to do a deal, send me proper active users to get the buzz going on the site. You promote your own link and collect the residuals. I pay for an ad, but you give massive overdelivery. A kind of I scratch your back, you scratch mine kind of deal.

Is this allowed on here? If not, delete the post (I'm new here). PM me for the landing page if interested.

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so basically you are looking for affiliates


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You seem pretty demanding and inexperienced, but sure I can over deliver on solos and many sellers here as well.