Will Udimi campaign work for promoting ecommerce products?

Will Udimi campaign work for promoting ecommerce products?
Nicholas Kretz
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Hello, I'm new to the world of Udimi and am curious if this is even a good place to promote an eCommerce product. From what I see most of the promotions and sellers are for 'making money online'/digital product promotion.

I'm trying to general traffic to my site in order to promote cotton face masks for sale. Would an Udimi campaign work in this case?

Look forward to hearing from the Udimi community and learning more about how all this works.



Posted 8 May 2020 at 17:37
Suzannah Tay
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Hi Nicholas,

Welcome to Udimi.

I would think that there is a universal need for your product at the moment.

For the marketing to be more targeted, you would want to pick a seller with traffic in the right niche and geographical location, depending on your business model.

You could test out just a small order quantity first.

Best wishes to you.

SuE Tay
Posted 8 May 2020 at 20:50
Joshua Sum
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Hi Nicholas,

I would say it depends on your niche. Health and wellness may do well with solo campaigns. I worked at an e-commerce firm that did look at Udimi for a while. Although they ultimately went with FB and search engine ads.

Ultimately, I would say the only way to find out is to test, test and keep testing.

I also do dropshipping and I would advise to stick to more traditional traffic sources for that because there are really more tools available there As a long term plan, if you are looking for thousands of fresh clicks and the ability to really test ads, manage your audiences and do retargeting campaigns with different ads, I would really recommend that you go with other traffic sources. I personally have not tried Udimi for my own store, but thats a separate issue of niches.

Hope this helps :) If you have any questions do reach out to me on Facebook / Udimi haha

Warmest Regards | Joshua
Posted 9 May 2020 at 05:10
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