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New Seller providing premium 90% top tier leads in MMO, IM, Biz OPP + 10% extra on your first order.
Jessica Munro
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About me
Looking for quality email traffic and advice for your online business or affiliate offers?
I've got you sorted.

If your offer is a good fit for my traffic leads, here's what you can benefit from:

● 90% top tier leads​ - Expect a steady stream of top tier visitors from native
English-speaking countries, think USA, Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand,
where customers have greater access to resources to accept your offers.
These people have a buyer mindset and the ability to spend.
**100% top tier or 100% USA leads are available for an additional investment.

● 24-72 hour delivery​ - Expect your campaign to be fulfilled within 24-72 hours of you
submitting your order. If for whatever reason this is unattainable, you'll be compensated. ⏰

● Clean Traffic Filter included. For Free​ - I use smart traffic filters to block and weed out
any spam bots, fake accounts, injections and any other type of fake traffic.
Rest assured you're investing in real, quality leads. And, If any fake clicks slip through the cracks,
those clicks will be resent, on the house. Only invest in real leads.

● Traffic Report - Once your campaign is complete, you'll receive a report
so you know exactly what you've invested in.

● First Time Client Click Bonus​ - Whatever amount you invest on your first campaign,
Receive at least 5%-10% more than you paid. It's a no-brainer. Simple. :)


Please note, I do not guarantee sales. I guarantee quality leads. By investing in my services, you accept that it is your responsibility to present those leads with a high-value offer, and proceed to follow up with them to increase your chances of converting to sales. If you expect a sale from every single campaign, or have a set expectation of opt-in rates, please do not place an order with me. In most instances, I offer traffic leads in the Make Money Online and Business Opportunity niches.
What percentage of your traffic is top tier?
My traffic is 90% top tier, and if you need, 100% is available also for a greater investment.
When will my order campaign start?
Your campaign will begin within 24-72 hours once your order is accepted through the Udimi dashboard.
Do you guarantee sales?
No, sales are not guaranteed. Anyone guaranteeing sales from a campaign should be approached with caution.
How man leads can you deliver in one order?
Up to 2,000 leads per order. If you require more than 2,000 leads per campaign, get in touch via direct message to discuss.
Do you offer USA only clicks?
Yes. A section of traffic is 100% USA leads. Please get in touch for more information.
How can I track opt-in rate?
As the owner of your capture page and sales promotion, it is your responsibility to track the opt-in rate from an ad campaign.

If you are building your own list, you will be able to access this information on your end
Do you provide ad copy, or do I need to provide my own?
If you're offer is a good fit for my list, the ad will be analysed and I'll write the most suitable copy that resonates with my traffic, at no extra cost. If you insist on using your own ad copy for any reason, please message me to discuss, and it will be considered.
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Always great service from Jess. Lots of optins and 3 sales so far
Udimi stats: Delivered 345 out of 300 visitors (+15%)
9 Nov 2022
Got sales
Wonderful sales came up here. Great seller
Udimi stats: Delivered 300 out of 300 visitors
4 Nov 2022
Got sales