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Wilfred Bakker
Terry is an excellent buyer, thanks. If you need more traffic, you will receive 100% unique clicks compared to previous orders.
Udimi stats: Received 515 out of 500 visitors (+3%)
29 Sep 2022
Adriana Prada
Great buyer! 300 visitors + 42 bonus visitors :)
Udimi stats: Received 342 out of 300 visitors (+14%)
29 Sep 2022
Chris Poindexter
Excellent buyer! Thanks Terry
Udimi stats: Received 575 out of 500 visitors (+15%)
23 Sep 2022
Thank you Terry.Pleasure having a business with you :) Looking forward to working with you again.
Udimi stats: Received 575 out of 500 visitors (+15%)
19 Sep 2022
Chris Poindexter
Excellent buyer! Thanks again Terry
Udimi stats: Received 518 out of 450 visitors (+15%)
10 Sep 2022
William McRea
Udimi stats: Received 550 out of 500 visitors (+10%)
8 Sep 2022
No rating given
Chris Poindexter
Excellent buyer! Thank you Terry
Udimi stats: Received 403 out of 350 visitors (+15%)
8 Sep 2022
Bruce Weiglein
Terry is a real stand up guy and very flexible with good communication. Even though his order was kicked out by Udimi for a mistake on my end, he resent the order after we had a little communication, which is the key if you want great traffic. I would love to work with Terry again in the future.
Udimi stats: Received 522 out of 500 visitors (+4%)
30 Aug 2022
George Pauli
Terry was a good customer. I messaged him and he sent a message right back... I like good communication.
Udimi stats: Received 311 out of 300 visitors (+4%)
27 Aug 2022
Steven Walters
Udimi stats: Received 1029 out of 1000 visitors (+3%)
27 Aug 2022
No rating given